Hands-on help in our community.

Volunteers are critical in our community; they join together, with the unique talents they offer, to make an IMPACT in Bay County. No matter how much time you have to give, you can make a difference.

The United Way of Bay County has many opportunities available to connect you with local programs that need you.

Volunteer with us

For large group volunteer opportunities such as employee giveback days, please contact Nicole Luczak at [email protected] to coordinate.

If your non-profit organization is in need of volunteers for a project, contact us to help connect volunteers to you.

Michigan Student Service Award 

A special honor presented to Bay County students that have shown exemplary service to their community through volunteerism during their high school careers. Two tiers can be achieved:

  • Youth Changemaker Award for students who have completed a minimum of 400 hours of service.
  • Youth Spirit of Hope for students who have completed a minimum of 200 hours of service.

Michigan Student Service Award 

High School students in Bay County are represented on our Board of Directors. Students will learn the responsibilities of being board member and participate in the Volunteer Task Force, a sub-committee of the Board.
They learn of volunteer opportunities in the community and bring ideas for projects back to their respective schools.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Any Bay County resident, age 55 and older can participate in this service group. Volunteers are paired with a non profit an apply the skills they have learned in the workforce to address social needs.
This program partners with approximately 20 non profit agencies and gives a variety of opportunities to choose from. There are health benefits to volunteering such as increasing social activity and giving seniors a sense of place in their community.

volunteer income tax assistance (vita) program

We provide a free tax program for any qualifying senior, low income, or disabled individual in Bay County. People in our community go without filing their taxes due to tough economic times and hundreds file their taxes improperly because they cannot afford to pay someone who is trained to do so. Volunteer opportunities include greeters as well as tax preparers.

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Tuesday Toolmen

Our goal of this program is to help individuals in Bay County remain as independent and self- sufficient as possible, keeping them in their homes longer by helping with minor home repairs and maintenance they can no longer do.
Our Tuesday Toolmen help with plumbing, electrical, and other miscellaneous repairs, such as doors, locks, dryer vents, filters, and more. This is a program that helps fill the gaps in services throughout Bay County.

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