Day of Caring Waivers



Day of Caring Waiver 2024

Volunteer Name(Required)
Name of Parent or Guardian
If Volunteer is Minor
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Emergency Contact Name(Required)
United Way Volunteer Agreement(Required)

I volunteer my services through the sponsoring agency and understand that I am not an employee of the agency.
I hereby agree to regard all information learned and received in the performance of my volunteer work as confidential. I further agree to respect individual rights to privacy, as well as those of the family and/or the facility for whom I am volunteering
I authorize the United Way of Bay County to conduct a complete criminal background check (I-CHAT) and National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) check as a basis of my placement as a volunteer with the organization. I understand that I am to report any changes in my criminal history to the United Way of Bay County. Any information obtained will be strictly confidential.
I understand that if I use my personal automobile in my volunteer service, I will arrange to keep in effect automobile liability insurance equal to the minimum limits required by our state.
I give the United Way of Bay County permission to photograph and/or videotape me. I understand these photographs and/or videotapes become the property of the United Way of Bay County. They have permission to use these photographs and/or videotapes for publicity purposes unless I give written notice to the contrary.

City of Bay City Waiver of Liability(Required)
Department of Public Works Parks & Sanitation Divisions

“I, am aware that by volunteering for the Department of Public Works there is a high probability that I will be exposed to hazardous situations that are inherent to city work. This includes, but is not limited to: vehicle operations, accidents, contacts with abnormal persons, hazardous chemicals and substances, and other types of bodily harm, etc. I have requested to volunteer with members of the Department of Public Works, with the full knowledge and understanding that there is a potential for bodily injury, including death, and loss or damage to my property. I fully understand the threats to public health related to COVID-19. I understand that it is not possible for the City of Bay City and/or the Department of Public Works to sanitize equipment or substances to which I may come into contact. I agree that effective physical distancing, proper hygiene, and the use of masks can only be accomplished through personal responsibility.
Acknowledging these foreseeable dangers I, do hereby release the City of Bay City, its commissioners, employees, and agents, and its employees and agents from any and all liability for any disease or injury contracted or received while volunteering in any Bay City location. This waiver/release has been completely read and is fully understood and voluntarily accepted on behalf of myself, my spouse, children, heirs, successors, and representatives.
I understand that I am expected to carry my own insurance policy including complete medical coverage.
I further agree that I will take no action whatsoever in any matter.