About Us

To Bring Our Community Together to Impact Lives

Education, Health, Basic Needs:  The building blocks of a successful life.

United Way believes that everyone deserves a quality education, a family-sustaining income and good health and is proud to roll out The Community Impact Model.

We have been working hard engaging citizens, community stakeholders, social service agencies, and school, city, and county officials.  These groups have formed a community advisory council, investigating underlying conditions, and discovering the unmet needs in Bay County.

We all share one common goal, which is to improve community conditions by fighting the cycle of poverty, not just treating the symptoms.  It’s about being proactive, not reactive.  It’s about funding issues and solutions, not just agencies.

Education programs like STEM, after school care, and summer tutoring instill the value of learning, and work to close the achievement gap.

Health programs focus on providing families and individuals with services in mental health, safety, and substance use that lead to happier, balanced lives.

Basic Needs programs feed the hungry and strive to put people in a position to recognize and achieve their full potential to step up and out of poverty.

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