Community Partner of the Month

Community Partner of the Month

SC Johnson showed how much they support the community this year by going above and beyond during campaign! In addition to individual employee gifts, the team held meetings with incentives, had a change drive at both gates for all shifts, and held a hot dog luncheon for all three shifts! They were able to raise $9,074 through these events, which the corporation will match for a grand total of $18,148!!!!

SC Johnson has sponsored many United Way events, and was most recently the Main Event Sponsor for the Murder Mystery Fundraiser.

In addition to their monetary generosity, SC Johnson employees know the value of time and give back through volunteering.

In October, a large group of employees from SC Johnson volunteered at the annual Project Connect which reached 458 households.

SC Johnson also has employees who sit on volunteer boards, and taskforce groups such as the RSVP Advisory Board, United Way of Bay County Board of Directors, Investment Panels

SC Johnson has also donated material goods such as bags for various projects and events.

Thank you SC Johnson and team! YOU are truly making an IMPACT in Bay County!

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